NZ Indoor Rowing Championships Rules and regulations.


You understand that by using the Concept2 Rowing Machine, you do so at your own risk. You understand the functionality and proper use of the machine. You have read the Concept2 Manual and the safety information around using the machine in a correct manner to manufacturers specifications. You understand that improper use may result in injury. By using the machine, you do so at you own discretion & understand that this is a machine that requires physical exertion and you've had professional medical advice, to say you are fit and healthy enough to use this machine. 


The NZ Indoor Rowing Championships will be open to all competitors regardless of experience, skill levels, physical ability, gender, sex, or race. Qualification times are not required. Athletes are seeded based on their submitted erg scores.

  • Age Group: Age eligibility is determined by rowers’ age on race day - 23rd November 2019
  • Open:  Any competitor can race in the Open category.
  • Master: Age category is determined by rowers’ age on race day. Masters Ages will align with the FISA standard. Categories are as follows:
  • Novice: The novice category is for any person that has not entered a competitive rowing race.

A - Minimum age: 27 years
B - Average age: 36 years or more
C - Average age: 43 years or more
D - Average age: 50 years or more
E - Average age: 55 years or more
F - Average age: 60 years or more
G - Average age: 65 years or more
H - Average age: 70 years or more
I - Average age: 75 years or more
J - Average age: 80 years or more
K - Average age: 83 years or more
L - Average age: 86 years or more
M - Average age: 89 years or more

Team: Team relay categories will be male, female, & mixed. Mixed relays to be of equal number of male to female ratio; 2:2. If the organizers wish to race teams of uneven genders, then we suggest a calculation based on world record difference for the distance, divided by the ration split in the teams. Mixed age Masters team relays will be categorized by the average of the 4 competitors.


Winners medals will be awarded to the first place in each event (or team members in the case of relays) in each event.


Any competitor in a lightweight event or rowing as a lightweight in an open weight event must weigh in on race day during the 1-hour window beginning two hours before and ending one hour before their race time No exceptions.
A lightweight is allowed to race in a lightweight event and also in a separate event as an open-weight if they so wish.
Weigh-in room will be communicated to you, Look for signs. Athletes who weigh in for their first event do not have to weigh-in for a subsequent event on the same day.
Weight limits are 61.5kg max for all women and 75kg max for all men. Weigh-in attire is required. There are no naked weigh-ins. There is no lightweight class for any events U21 years or below, or relays.


The New Zealand Indoor Rowing Association will align with Rowing NZ and the IOC on Transgender & Transsexual Policy. Please read to familiarize yourself as to which gender you align with.


Proper fair play and decorum will be observed by rowers, coaches and the audience.
Regatta officials reserve the right to ask any person behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner to leave.
Rowers are as to be properly attired wherever possible, including shirts, when not in competition. We do ask that if possible, you race in Club, School, Gym or Organization Colors.

​ Improper use of Machines:

If an umpire or marshal sees a competitor using a machine in an inappropriate or dangerous way, they risk being removed from the competition. Improper use, violates the ‘safe usage’ guidelines for the Concept2 rowing machine and in doing so, puts themselves and others at risk. Please refer to Concept2 for more information**

​ Para Events:

The New Zealand Indoor Rowing Association wil Recognize the seven categories of ability: PR1, PR2, PR3(VI)-visually impaired/blind, PR3(ID)intellectually disabled, PR3(AK)-above knee amputation, PR3(SA)-single arm, and PR3(PD)physical disability.
This aligns with Erg Sprints | World Rowing Indoor Championships and  follows rules set by Concept2 for Para Rowing Classification.
Please read the Para Classification Document for more detailed information.

​ Team Relays

Teams will be formed in 3 different sex categories, male, female, or mixed; with mixed being an equal split of male/female.

For a 2000m competition relay, racers can rotate through the combination as many times as the team sees fit. Each person in the team MUST COMPLETE AT LEAST 1 ROTATION.  Mixed relay members MUST COMPLETE AN EQUAL AMOUNT OF ROTATIONS.

No external help will be given to help with changeovers or feet strapping. This must be completed with the 4 people within the team.


All competitors must comply with the NZ Drug Free Sport code of conduct.

​ Payment:

Payment for the event will be done at time of form submission. Refunds will be given in full up to 24th October 2018. 50% refunded will be given up until 7days prior to the event. Late refunds may be given at organizers discretion. Please write to; in order to submit a request for refund.



The warm-up area will be separated from the main race area & is equipped with numbered ergs.Please use your allocated lane number which is situated on your machine in order to warm up. This will be open 20minutes prior to your event starting.
Pay attention to announcements made in the warm-up area.

Pre-Race Marshaling

A referee will invite rowers to the marshaling area 10 minutes before the scheduled race.
Referees will confirm your attendance and check your heat and erg assignment.
Regatta referees will go over basic procedures and rules.
Rowers will be directed to the race floor.

Race Floor

Please make any marshals of umpires aware of any health issues you may have before entering the race floor.
Each erg is numbered.
Go to your assigned erg.
Confirm that your name is on the monitor.
Alert a Referee or Umpire if your name is not on your erg.
Hand your Athlete Registration Card to a Timer.
Do NOT sit at an erg with someone else’s name on it.

Before The Start

Get settled quickly. There will be a short 2-3 minute window for final race prep.
Adjustments are allowed to the seat, foot stretcher, vent, and drag factor only.
Vent and drag factor may not be changed once the race has started.
Referees will ask that you put your handle down.
Erg fans cannot be moving at the start of the race.
The system will start once the ergs are stationary.
Athletes are permitted a single coach or coxswain who must stay to the left rear and may not come in contact with athlete.


Rowers will take the start command from the PM5 monitor on the Concept2 Erg.
The visual commands will be;
The clock starts with the “ROW” command and not after the handle is pulled. *Please refer to diagram at bottom.
The Concept2 Venue Racing System will detect and alert a false start.
Only one false start for a race is allowed. Any subsequent false starts will be automatic disqualification *at the discretion of regatta officials.

During the Race

If your erg becomes disconnected from the Concept 2 Venue Racing System DO NOT STOP ROWING. After about 10 seconds the PM5 monitor will display “KEEP ROWING” at the bottom of the screen.
All data is retained on the PM5. Your time will be recorded on your Athlete Registration Card and entered manually into the race system.
If any other mechanical problem develops early during an event alert a regatta official immediately. You may be moved to an unoccupied erg or be rescheduled following an appropriate rest period.

Remember that information on the PM5 monitor reflects times and positions for your section (“race”) of ergs only. Your event may use more than one race and in that case your monitor does not reflect your place in the overall event. Row your hardest, best race.
Vent and drag factor may not be changed once the race has started.
Rowers may be disqualified if the handle is allowed to slam the erg!
Although not recommended, headphones may be worn during competition. They cannot interfere with the rower’s ability to hear instructions.

End of the Race

Alert medical staff, referee or regatta official immediately if you experience abnormal breathing or other health problems.
Under normal circumstances times are recorded automatically by the Concept 2 Venue Racing System.
As a backup, volunteer timers may record times manually on your Athlete Registration Card.
The rower may be asked to initial the Athlete Registration Card to indicate that the recorded time is correct.
Stay at your erg until instructed to leave.
Leave the race floor as directed by the officials. Coaches and coxswains may also leave by the same route as the rower.

​ Protests

Address any protest to the N.Z.I.R.C Chief Referee/umpire immediately after your race.
The Jury will adjudicate the complaint following consultation with the Regatta Organizer.
Other complaints regarding the regatta should be addressed to the Regatta Organizers or a staff member.


The information below explains the start procedure and what is displayed on your Performance Monitor during your race.

Pre-Race Checks

  • Your race name or number is displayed beneath Next Race
  • Your name is displayed beneath Competitor
  • Your machine number is displayed beneath Erg
  • Adjust the drag factor to the setting you want to race on (it is displayed in the bottom right hand corner). Do this by adjusting the damper lever and rowing 2–3 strokes.
  • Set the monitor to the units you want to see during the race. Press Units or Change Units to toggle between the following:
  • Split time for 500m and time elapsed
  • Split time for 500m and average split time for 500m
  • Watts and average watts
  • Calories per hour and expended calories

Race Start Procedure

Shortly before your race starts the race controller will ask you to stop rowing. Put the handle in the handle hook.
Your monitor display will change to show “Stop, prepare for start.”
Once this screen appears, you will not be able to change the display.
The race controller will announce that the race is going to start and tell the competitors to pick up their handles. When you pick up the handle do not pull on it as you may trigger a false start.

It will display
  1. “Sit ready,”
  2. “Attention,”
  3. “ROW.”

Once it displays “ROW” start racing.


The time between “Attention” and “ROW” is different for each race to prevent people from trying to predict the start and jump it.
If a false start occurs, the monitor will display “False Start” and will list the lanes responsible.
Stop rowing and put the handle back in the handle hook. Steps 2–4 will be repeated.
Don’t false start or it can lead to a disqualification.* Please refer to false Start rules in previous paragraphs

Race Display

Above the Thick Black Line

Top left of screen: distance to go (or time to go for a timed race)
Top right of screen: stroke rate
Centre of screen (large letters): pace/500m split
Bottom left of screen: average split /500m
The centre of screen and bottom left will vary depending on what units you chose before the race.

Below the Thick Black Line

This section will show four lines of information:
Line 1: This will show the leader on your race system and the number of meters they are ahead of you.
Line 2: This will show the person immediately in front of you on your race system with the number of meters they are ahead.
Line 3: This will show your name.
Line 4: This will show the person immediately behind you and the number of meters they are behind.
If you are leading the race on your race system you will only see Lines 3 and 4.
At the end of the race, your final time and those just ahead/behind will show in the lower half of the screen.

*Please see attached Images*

​Screen Views:


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