The Colgan Foundation Virtual Oceania Indoor Rowing Championships will be open to anyone wanting to participate, and adhere to the rules set out for the competition below, and in the terms and conditions of the event.

This event is sanctioned by FISA as the OCEANIA CONTINENTIAL QUALIFYER for the Virtual World Rowing Indoor Championship Finals to be held on 27-28th February 2021


Saturday 5th December 2020 - NZ standard daylight savings time.

Race Times:

Race Times TBC after close of entries on Midnight 29th November 2020.


2000m and 500m races


$20 for 2000m
$10 for 500m

Colgan Foundation Oceania Championships Event Categories:

The Following events will be available for racing at the event. Details on qualifying events and available qualifying positions for events are listed further below.


  • U15
  • U16
  • U17
  • U19/Junior
  • U23
  • Open
  • U19 PR1
  • U19 PR2
  • U19 PR3
  • Open PR1
  • Open PR2
  • Open PR3
  • Masters 30-39
  • Masters 40-49 
  • Masters 50-54
  • Masters 55-59
  • Masters 60-64 
  • Masters 65-69 
  • Masters 70-74
  • Masters 75-79
  • Masters 80-84
  • Masters 85-89
  • Masters 90-94
  • Masters 94-99
  • Masters 100+


Group 1: Top 2 Qualifier’s from EACH of the following race categories will qualify for the WRICH Final in that same category.

  • Open Men 2000m
  • Open Women 2000m
  • Open Lwt Men 2000m
  • Open Lwt Women 2000m
  • U23 Men 2000m
  • U23 Women 2000m
  • Junior/U19 Men 2000m
  • Junior/U19 Women 2000m
  • Open Men 500m
  • Open Women 500m
  • Open Lwt Men 500m
  • Open Lwt Women 500m
  • U23 Men 500m
  • U23 Women 500m
  • Junior/U19 Men 500
  • Junior/U19 Women 500m

Group 2: Top 1 Qualifier from EACH of the follow race categories will qualify for the WRICH Final in that same category.

  • U23 Lwt Men 500m
  • U23 Lwt Women 500m
  • Open PR1 Men 2000m
  • Open PR1 Women 2000m
  • Open PR2 Men 2000m
  • Open PR2 Women 2000m
  • Open PR3 Men 2000m
  • Open PR3 Women 2000m
  • U23 Lwt Men 2000m
  • U23 Lwt Women 2000m
  • Masters 30-39 Men 2000m
  • Masters 40-49 Men 2000m
  • Masters 50-54 Men 2000m
  • Masters 55-59 Men 2000m
  • Masters 60-64 Men 2000m
  • Masters 65-69 Men 2000m
  • Masters 70-74 Men 2000m
  • Masters 75-79 Men 2000m
  • Masters 80-84 Men 2000m
  • Masters 85-89 Men 2000m
  • Masters 90-94 Men 2000m
  • Masters 94-99 Men 2000m
  • Masters 100+ Men 2000m
  • Masters 30-39 Women 2000m
  • Masters 40-49 Women 2000m
  • Masters 50-54 Women 2000m
  • Masters 55-59 Women 2000m
  • Masters 60-64 Women 2000m
  • Masters 65-69 Women 2000m
  • Masters 70-74 Women 2000m
  • Masters 75-79 Women 2000m
  • Masters 80-84 Women 2000m
  • Masters 85-89 Women 2000m
  • Masters 90-94 Women 2000m
  • Masters 94-99 Women 2000m
  • Masters 100+ Women 2000m
  • Masters 30-39 Lwt Men 2000m 
  • Masters 40-49 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 50-54 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 55-59 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 60-64 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 65-69 Lwt Men 2000m
  • Masters 70-74 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 75-79 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 80-84 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 85-89 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 90-94 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 95-99 Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 100+ Lwt Men 2000m 
  •  Masters 30-39 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 40-49 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 50-54 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 55-59 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 60-64 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 65-69 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 70-74 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 75-79 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 80-84 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 85-89 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 90-94 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 95-99 Lwt Women 2000m 
  •  Masters 100+ Lwt Women 2000m 

Races will either be heats per event, or mixed events, depending on entry numbers in order to complete racing in a prompt fashion, while allowing for rest periods between distances.

2000m races will be run first.

*Valid Passport holders of  the 24 IOC Oceania Member Countries are eligible for a place in World Rowing Indoor Championship Finals. A full list of Oceania Members are found HERE

Lightweight and Weigh in:

Lightweight Maximum limits are 75kg (Men) and 61.5kg (Women) There are no lightweight division for under 19years or Para Categories.

There will be no weigh-in If you are entering as a lightweight for this event because of logistics, however we trust in your honesty and personal ethics!

If you ARE successful in qualifying for the World Rowing Indoor Championship Finals in a lightweight event, there will be a weigh-in procedure as part of the FISA rules and regulation for the WIRCH Finals.


Categories are only open to “male” and “female”.

Para Classifications:

Para events will be held across both 2000m and 500m distance events within classifications of PR1, PR2 and PR3, sub categories. We will race U19 and Open Para events at this event.

ONLY FISA Registered and Current listed PARA Classified athletes will be eligible for the WRICH Finals in the "OPEN" category.  For further information on para rowing classifications, or other Para information, please contact;

Colgan Cup:

The Colgan Cup will be awarded to the country with the highest points tally between New Zealand & Australia;

Point system as follow:

  • Entry for an event            = 1 point
  • First place                        = 6 points
  • Second place                   = 4 points
  • Third place                       = 2 points


Competitors will need to provide all equipment needed to compete in this event. This will include;

  • Concept 2 Rowing machine with updated PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor.
  • A USB A to B cable,
  • Compatible Windows or MacOS Laptop/Computer with Chrome or Edge Browser installed.
  • The ability to install/use a 3rd party communication system as backup in the event of failure of built in race system communication.
  • A stable internet connection. *Direct ethernet connect preferred*.

*Only Concept2 Indoor Rowers may be used for this event. Competitors may use the drag factor of their choice, but this cannot be changed during the race.

Health and Safety:

*please read the terms and conditions of the event and the liability waiver if you are the participant, the gaurdian or the caregiver for this event*

PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK: Should you feel that you are no longer able to compete, you can withdraw your entry by emailing in line with the published terms and conditions.

COMPETING ALONE: We strongly recommend you do not compete alone. At the very minimum, alert someone of your race time and check-in with them when you finish.

MEDICAL ISSUES DURING RACING: If you experience any pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath while participating in this event, please STOP rowing and consult a medical expert.

JUNIORS: If you are under 18 years of age, please ensure you have a parent or legal guardian on site with you. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a competitor under the age of 18, you agree to be fully responsible for their safety.

BE PREPARED: Please make sure you warm up properly, have eaten and hydrated sufficiently, you are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear and the location of your rowing machine is cool and well ventilated. Ensure you have practiced your race distance before the event; the race should not be the first time you attempt it. If you stop rowing during your race for any reason and are unable to continue with the race, please email  ASAP to confirm your situation.

Getting Set Up:

In advance of the race

Here is a link to the Homerace manual which you may find useful when setting your machine up and connecting it to your computer. It includes troubleshooting advice and tips for minimizing connectivity issues. We recommend that you run through this procedure in advance of race day to confirm you are able to access the race system.

In order to take part in the event you will need to ensure your Concept2 monitor (PM3/4/5) has the most up to date FIRMWARE. You can check this by downloading the Concept2 Utility software and following the instructions. This process should only take a few minutes but we recommend that you do this in advance of race day.

After close of entries, you will receive your ‘participant secret’ which is the race link for each of your events. Each link will be unique to you, and to the event you are competing in e.g. separate links for 2000m, 500m events. These links will take you through to the race lobby for each event. Please arrive in the lobby 40 minutes prior to your race start time.

Competitor timeline:

40-30 minutes prior to race start – enter the race lobby via your ‘participant secret’

5 minutes prior to race start – race lobby locked for entry. No further admittance allowed*

2 minutes prior to race start – competitors must be in position and ready to race

1 minute prior to race start – stop rowing, put your handle down and watch your monitor and/or computer screen for race start instructions

*We cannot wait for participants to enter lobbies for races if they are having technical or internet problems. We expect you to be familiar with the Time-Team race system via all information provided.

Whilst in the race lobby you may continue to use your machine to warm up at any point until you are directed to stop rowing through a message that will appear on your computer screen. During this time your rowing machine monitor may change screens a number of times – this is normal and you do not need to do anything whilst this is happening.

A race official will be monitoring the race lobby for each event, and any updates from them will come through the lobby. These messages will be visible on your computer screen.

Race start procedure:

The race start procedure is the same as any Indoor event you may have competed at such as the AIRC or the NZIRC. You will be given a warning two minutes before the race is due to start. With one minute to go you will need to stop rowing and put your handle down to allow the rowing machine fan to stop. You will then be instructed to pick up your handle and get ready to race. All race start instructions will be visible on your rowing machine monitor.

You can find further details of, and familiarize yourself with, the race starts procedure and race views attached below


The time between “Attention” and “ROW” is different for each race to prevent people from trying to predict the start.

If a false start occurs, the monitor will display “False Start” and will list the lanes responsible. Stop rowing and put the handle back in the handle hook.

During the race:

If you experience technical issues during your race, please continue to row until you have completed the distance. If the connection comes back in this time the race system will be able to read your back up file and extrapolate your score. If it does not come back, your monitor will still contain your score which can be manually added after the race.

If this happens, you will need to go to the Memory, List by Date and select the workout corresponding to your race. Press the 4th button twice to display an authentication code. Take a photo of that and send it through to with all your details and we will ensure the data is manually added.

After the race:

Once the race has finished, the race official will approve the race at which point the race system will disconnect your monitor. You do not need to do anything whilst this is happening, but please do not disconnect your monitor from your computer until the rowing machine monitor has returned to the normal view.


If you feel the need to withdraw from the event for any reason, then please email Full refunds (minus fees) will be given 7days after entry. 50% refunds will be given up until 31st October. 



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