The New Zealand Indoor Rowing Association wants to help Kiwi’s live a Better, Healthier & Active Lifestyle. 

Through the Sport of Indoor Rowing, we want to see more participation in a sport which is relatively unknown. Until now, the Rowing Machine was a piece of gym equipment, or a tool used by the Elite rowers around the world. 

BUT anyone can enjoy the benefits of using the machine in a safe and proper manner in order to achieve either a fitness goal, or a competitive goal. With the help of Local, Regional & National Sporting Organisations, we are going to roll out programs in schools and the community to show the benefits of Indoor Rowing. 

A low Impact, wide range of intensity sport, can be either recreational, or competitive; For all ages, all abilities, there are NO boundaries to being able to use the indoor rower.


The Indoor Rowing Association looks to roll out a “Erg-Fit” opportunity in Schools and community groups.
By experiencing the benefits of the indoor rower, people can become a ‘Rower’ themselves.

The unique experience of being on the machine, will test peoples’ ability to learn something new and see how their body reacts.

One quick experience on the indoor rower will really teach something about yourself. We want to “change your life” and give you the tools which will enable you, to carve a path for a happier healthier lifestyle.


Every thought about doing wat our Olympics do? Then how about starting our Erg-to-2k program. 

This program will start you off on a journey covering a 10week program which will culminate in you testing yourself on the worlds best fitness machine, to complete a 2k.
2000m may not seem like a lot, but when you are trying to do it as fast as you can, it can quickly turn into “HELL”.

We plan to provide you with the right training, technique, information and motivation in order for you to get proficient on the rowing machine. We will teach you how to ‘push yourself’ in order to set a benchmark for which you can aim to improve and see where you can “push your limits”.
Sign up to become a member of the Indoor Rowing Association and we’ll be starting the program structure in due-course.


Haven’t found a sport which you’re interested in?

Not into fitness as such?

Don’t want to spend hours in the gym?

Don’t like running and other sports?

Why not try Indoor Rowing!

Indoor Rowing is a low impact, wide variety intensity sport. The Rowing machine can be utilized in many ways; as a fitness tool, strength trainer and also low resistance speed work.

A good training program will enable you to get fit in as little as 15-20minutes per day.

As well as the normal training clocks and workouts on the machine, there are games which can be played to enable the user to mix up the variety of their workouts. With screen mounted cradles, you can watch videos, listen to music all while getting the benefits of a successful workout.

If you have a competitive spirit? Then Indoor Rowing has competitions, both live and virtual. Make friends online and challenge them to a workout of your choice through various rowing apps. Or take part in local, regional and national indoor events, over various distance as well as team events.